Because in SaaS, one size doesn’t fit all

Enable your team members with the correct permissions and features to best manage your business.

Dinvy Ascent
Free for Life

Time Entry

for users who only need to enter time
  • Daily & Weekly Time Entry
  • Shared Reports
  • My Timesheet Dashboard
  • Dark Mode


for managers who need to oversee time and project metrics
  • Time Entry +
  • Account Dashboards
  • Project Dashboards
  • Custom Reports
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Standard Project Metrics
  • Invoices (T&M, Person/Flat)
  • Tasks


for leadership team members who need to access to it all
  • Full +
  • Audit Logs
  • Integrations
  • Webhooks
  • Custom Permissions

Solutions That Expand as Your Business Grows

Lay the foundation for your business to start tracking time in a simple and intuitive manner with Dinvy Ascent. Then when you grow, your team members grow with you…at a proportional price.
Don’t pay for features you don’t need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started on Dinvy?

All you need is an email and a company name to get started! Once you register and sign in, you can create your first account, project and start entering time. We’ll help you flourish on Dinvy with a series of welcome emails, our knowledge articles, and webinars/videos to help acclimate you to the platform.

How do I register for a Free Trial or start using Dinvy? Do I need a card?

No card required! And you can register your company with your email to get started using Dinvy in under a minute! Dinvy Ascent is free to try and to use.

Why is Dinvy Ascent free?

Time tracking and changing to an online tool can be a scary venture. We don’t want any barriers for a company to embrace technology and see how it can benefit them. And as you see the benefits, Dinvy has advanced features that allow you to grow on the platform.

How long will Dinvy Ascent be free?

Dinvy Ascent is free for life! If you’re comfortable with its feature set, there is no reason to upgrade. But if you do want to upgrade, signing up for Dinvy Ascent now (2023) – you’ll be eligible for our Founders Rate of 50% all upgrades and add-ons for as long as you maintain your license.

How do I add a User and manage my Account?

As an Admin, head to Admin Users and enter in their details, select their Permission/Role, and then select Create. Your new User will be sent an activation email and they’ll be able to start entering their time immediately. The admin section and icons will help you navigate and manage your whole Account.

What integrations does Dinvy support?

We’re hard at work building out-of-the-box integrations, but Dinvy’s open API and Webhook structure allows you to build extensions and integrate into any system your business requires. And with Custom Objects, Custom Fields, and page layouts coming in Q3 of 2023, you can easily configure Dinvy Ascent to mimic your process.

Who can use Dinvy?

Any type of professional services business can use Dinvy Ascent: IT Management, Consulting, Marketing, ProServ, Legal, and Accounting. Our platform is flexible allowing you to utilize components where, when and how your business needs them to track your time and easily invoice.

Is Dinvy right for me and my business?

If you’re interested in moving from excel or improving your online time tracking, invoicing, and automating profit and margin tracking, then Dinvy should be right for you. Give us a call or shoot us an email and we’d be happy to provide a zero commitment consulting conversation to walk through your business needs.

Our Roadmap is Growing

Let’s continue this adventure together

Throughout 2023, we will be releasing new product levels. This expansion will combine the slick user experience of our new platform, with the high end features of an enterprise system.

Multiple Project Timers
Advanced Invoicing
Custom Objects

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