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Dinvy’s Roadmap: The Road Goes Ever On

Dinvy Ascent is just the beginning.

Our roadmap is PACKED with potential and being developed as we write this blog post.

And we are eager to share it with you.

As a fellow start up, we know that change and growth are hard enough, you shouldn’t have to wrestle with your tech as you scale.

We are currently building out additional features to support your unique journey and keep the momentum flowing.

To kick things off, we created Dinvy Ascent – the “free-for-life” foundation of our platform, focusing on invoicing and online time tracking. Then, our next two product levels – Alpine and Summit – follow the growth of a company with features like quoting, expenses and custom fields. All of these products combined set the stage to take on the nuances of your unique business process.

Read on below to see what’s coming next:

Ascent: Simple, intuitive time tracking and billing

Our commitment to simple, clutter-free time tracking means we’re always improving our free platform; making it the best it can be for all of our users who are entering into the world of online time tracking and billing.

  • Time Tracking Extension
  • Desktop Application
  • Feature Flags
  • Multiple Project Timers (in development)
  • Combined Invoicing (in development)

Alpine: Powerful and flexible features that support your growth

When your business expands, that means your software needs to flex with your changing processes. Is your company growing and you need approvals now? Do your clients want to pay in unique ways? Are you now in need of recurring billing with the ability to send out estimates? Dinvy Alpine helps meet your business challenges and continue your journey with confidence.

  • Standard Quotes (in development)
  • Position Billing (in development)
  • Invoice Approvals (in development)
  • Expense Tracking and Billing
  • Advanced Dashboards (in development)
    • My Projects Dashboard
    • Financial and Executive Dashboards
    • Additional Widgets
  • Custom Timesheet Datagrids
  • Team Member Assignment on Projects (in development)
  • Managed Integrations

Summit: Agile, fully customizable professional services automation

At this level, you’ve reached the peak. Your processes and data requirements are wholly unique to your business. Summit gives you the opportunity to fully tailor the platform to meet your needs. Take the reins and grab your own gear to integrate and build out your workflow.

  • Advanced Quoting
    • Tiered Pricing
    • Product Bundles
    • Product Rules
  • Billing Entities (in development)
  • Custom Objects & Fields (in development)
  • Tags
  • Workflows
  • Child Projects
  • Change Orders
  • Revenue Recognition

Flexibility and customization is the name of the game in a competitive market and unpredictable economy. Dinvy is ready to adapt with the speed of your business. Grow with Dinvy as your business needs change and adapt to the business environment around you.

Interested in learning more? Reach out to us: