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Dinvy Ascent + Neostella = Vinetime for Filevine

We’re excited to partner with Neostella(™) to develop a unique time and billing integration for Filevine(™) users. Powered by Neostella’s Vinebot integration services, Vinetime will combine Dinvy Ascent’s core features for time entry and invoicing and apply them to the legal industry.

What It Does

Our shared goal is to make time tracking and invoicing as easy as possible. And we want to provide insight into these items in a quick and simple manner. To that end, Vinetime is currently being built to allow you to:

  • Have the ability to start and pause multiple project Timers
  • View and add time via Timers, Day, or Week views
  • Easily view team member’s time and expense entries at the admin level
  • Review details and request amendments or clarifications prior to creating invoices (Pre-Billing)
  • Create and bill invoices in any custom timeframe
  • Combine all related projects within an account to be sent in a single invoice PDF
  • Create LEDES invoices as well as PDF or Word documents
  • Review slick financial dashboards to see the health of your business
  • Accept online and in person payments with our out of the box Stripe integration
  • Decrement funds from deposit or trust accounts when billing
  • Customize and schedule reports as well as create audit trails on all invoice and time entry data

How It Works

For the expert consultant and novice alike, integrations can feel intimidating. It can be hard to explain the why or the how. If you want an in-depth technical education, check out the expert explanations from Workato, Mulesoft, or Jitterbit,

But in the case of VineTime, integrating into Filevine will be simple!

Filevine manages your matters and case data. Let Vinetime manage your time and billing. Combine the two to level up the user experiences and supercharge your business process.

By sharing key information between the two systems, you allow them to do what they do best! And when everything is seamless, the data will be visible and actionable where and when you need it most.

The information that will be shared between the systems includes:

Data going into Filevine= User Time Entries, Invoice PDFs, and Payment Details

Data going into Vinetime= Accounts, Projects, Expenses, Fees, and Time Codes

Get Ready to Launch with VineTime

Neostella + Dinvy are working to release Vinetime in May of 2023 and are ready to work with existing and new Filevine customers to meet your time and billing needs.

Like what you hear and see? We are currently accepting pre-sign ups and offering a reduced “founders rate” for getting in on the ground floor.

To learn more and/or to sign up click here.

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