critical understanding in real time

revenue recognition

Stay ahead of potential risk and get a bird’s eye view of all revenue – recognized and deferred. With Dinvy, you can stay on top of your P&L margins, streamline compliance, audit project changes, and maintain visibility 24/7. 

real-time visibility

Current GAAP revenue recognition standards dictate that businesses only recognize revenue from milestone or deposit payments as the value of the product or service already provided to customers. This can be especially tricky for professional services companies whose businesses provide services over a defined period of time. Dinvy makes managing the process a snap.

how it works

Dinvy expedites and simplifies the entire revenue recognition process by suggesting the amount of revenue to claim per project based on work completed during the billing cycle, ensuring that you have properly substantiated the revenue booked for that project. After reviewing and verifying details, a simple click of the mouse allows you to claim revenue for each project, makes all journal entries, and prepares customer invoices. 

multiple entities

For businesses that manage entities operating in foreign countries, Dinvy supports multiple currencies so you can manage revenue and multiple accounting rules across your organization. You can easily calculate translation gains and losses and prepare financial statements.

minimize risk

plan for the future

Make informed decisions and comprehensive forecasts. With Dinvy’s revenue recognition feature, you’ll have a complete picture of your cash flow and revenue, allowing you to create solid long-range plans.

Our revenue recognition feature supports professional service models, including real-time general ledger entries to financial systems.