keep everyone on track

resource planning

There are two critical elements to staff management in professional services: properly recording time spent by staff and properly aligning staff assignments to ensure maximum utilization. Dinvy has you covered on both.

plan with precision

Manage productivity and stay on budget. Dinvy gives you the control to view your resource plans by team member, account, or project making management a breeze. With Dinvy you can:

  • Add staff to projects
  • Assign tasks: User, Project, Task, Role
  • Allocate hours: Evenly over time, Custom by day, ASAP
  • View your plans by available hours or busy hours: Project, User, Primary Role, Allocated Role, Task

never skip a beat

manage in real time

View progress in real-time with location management that tracks employee locations and assignment plans. Dinvy follows up with daily resource usage reports, so you can stay on top of projects 24/7. Keep time tracking and resource management on course with bot notifications and stopwatch reminders that alert you when over/under thresholds are exceeded helping you avoid unnecessary costs and issues. 

monitor progress

Easily toggle between grid and report view. With Dinvy, you can view schedules by team member, account, or project, and you’ll receive daily updates and notifications so you know exactly who is (or isn’t) available to take on more work. Dinvy also helps keep progress on track by assigning communication bots to check the status at every stage of your project.