seamless and convenient


Dinvy makes integrating your disparate systems into a unified data communication channel as simple as clicking a button. Let your teams live where they work and allow Dinvy to connect them.

migrate your data

Data is key for organizing your business and we’ll make sure you have it once Dinvy is operating. Our data migration services are standardized to make your data mapping and migration as simple and fluid as possible.

Communications: Slack & Microsoft Teams

We can’t stop talking about our Bot Notification Engine (BNE)- we want to work the way you work so you don’t have to change to fit our software. With more employees working from home along with remote development teams, communication platforms are the “central nervous system for the new world of work”.  Engage your employees on their preferred communications channels and keep pace with the way information is shared in this dynamic new work environment. 

manage your pipeline

salesforce integration

As the industry leader in CRM, integrating Salesforce was a no-brainer. Your sales teams qualify leads and convert them into Accounts, Dinvy then associates them with a click to share quotes cross-platform and pull in their demographic information. Reduce duplication risks and increase quote visibility when Salesforce Accounts connect to Dinvy.

xero integration

With Xero’s integration into Dinvy, associate invoices, claim revenue between Xero Accounts, sync products, and send out templated invoice emails along with automated reminders. Save time and resources while gaining cleaner visibility into your revenue reconciliation processes by hyper-automating the process. 

Coming soon: Xero App Partner Program for PSA tools

sales tax made simple with taxjar

Take the complicated application of product tax rules and simplify it without requiring manual intervention. Integrating into Taxjar hyper-automates Nexus level tax code tracking at the state, city and county levels.