create consistency

bot integration

Consistent execution of business fundamentals drives success. But ensuring those daily requirements are actually part of your team’s routine can create managerial headaches. Enter the bots.

unlimited flexibility

Dinvy bots are the most adaptable and flexible assistants you could hope for. You decide who your bots notify (individual, role, or customized grouping) of what, when (timezone, days, time), how often, and whether or not responses are required. Not getting those responses? You control the escalation pathway. 


As you master your Dinvy experience, you’ll have the flexibility to adapt to meet your changing business needs:

  • Staff can suggest notification ideas you never thought of once you start using them! And you have the tools you need to build them.
  • Inactivate bots when they are no longer needed.
  • Build new bots yourself as new ideas and needs arise. No need to wait for Dinvy–you’re in control!

bi-directional notifications

Tell your bot what to do and they’ll talk back — when you want them to. You control when and why bot notifications happen, making the potential bot uses limitless for employees and management alike. Set your Dinvy bots up to assist your way of working: 

  • Use the Communication platform of YOUR choice. Our bots play nice with  Slack and Microsoft Teams
  • The bi-directional aspect allows our bots to not only notify your staff of important business tasks they will talk back if you want it to, allowing your staff to respond with responses recorded in Dinvy.
  • Bots will take on the nagging needed to create seamless routines — and they don’t care if they’re annoying.
  • They “train” new staff in the proper operation of your business while keeping existing staff on track.

manage effectively

bots keep you in the know

Your business has thousands of small internal connections necessary for your success. Many of these “connections” play a vital role in everyday operations. Knowing that even the small “connections” are occurring as needed could possibly consume managers’ time on a full-time basis. Dinvy bots alert on key “connections” or data exceptions that you determine need to be monitored.

Use the leading chat platforms

Set notifications to keep yourself on top of time entries and real-time resource planning. Connect your Dinvy bots to the platform you use, including Slack or Microsoft Teams. With Dinvy bot integration, you decide what alerts, monitoring, reminders, notifications, thresholds,  and escalations you need and assign Dinvy bots to do the work for you. With bots keeping tabs on your business routines, you’ll be free to spend more time on the important things —  like strategy and innovation — knowing that the bots have the basics covered. Exit managerial headaches.

develop your own bots

For those who have the desire and would like the flexibility to build custom bots, a JSON programming interface is available. Our development roadmap continues to customize our bot front-end with the goal to allow users to create alerts with clicks, not code.