Why We Created Dinvy



It all started when…

Like many widely sought-after products, Dinvy is the brainchild of someone simply looking to fulfill their own need. Running a new business of his own, our CEO found using multiple apps, programs–and worse, manual tracking (gasp!)–an inefficient way to run and grow his business. Being the serial entrepreneur that he is–with a serious background in tech, to boot–he reached out to some of his most trusted co-conspirators to help him develop a product that would help manage all of the complex nuances of his latest venture. They quickly realized that the product they devised was so powerful, it needed to be shared with others. And so Dinvy was born.


we tested. and tested. and tested.

The product they sought would have multiple capabilities–way more than the typical one dimensional products that are plentiful on the market. They wanted a Game Changer. And they made one. They integrated many features: time management, project and resource planning, task management (with recurring tasks capability) project accounting (including revenue recognition, quoting, and invoicing), bot notifications and reporting. All rolled into one adaptable and affordable product. A Game Changer.

Time tracking data revealed that the US economy loses 50 million hours in productivity per day because of unrecorded work activities. That’s $7.4 billion per workday.

What Dinvy Does:

One integrated system with a common interface eliminates so much regular pain when it comes to syncing your data. Don’t get caught in Excel Hell Use Dinvy for a simpler life!

  • Want to kick out a quote to a customer-in a foreign currency? Got you covered.
  • Need to review unearned revenue for a billing cycle? Yep, got that, too.
  • Need to do monthly invoicing? Check.
  • Need to apply incoming payments? That’s a no brainer.
  • Need to apply client credits? Done.
  • Need to Invoice from any of your distinct business entities and allow for different remittance, tax, entity name, address and more? Dinvy can do that.
  • Need to pay an invoice from a deposit? Yup got it.
  • Need T&M as well as fixed fee project set up and administration? For sure,
  • Discover that for the last week Time Entries were not correct for a given customer- ah thought you had us on that one? Wrong! We can do that.
  • Need to add a new location? Congrats! And yeah, simple to do.
  • Want to know if key staff are working too hard and logging too many hours- we can give you the heads up on that



What’s next


As comprehensive as Dinvy currently is we know that there is more we can do to help you. That is why we are constantly evolving. Follow us on social, join our email list, and check back here regularly for news about new Dinvy features, integrations and enhancements coming soon. In the meantime, enjoy!