Why Time Tracking Methodologies Need to Change


Let’s face it. Most people don’t wake up in the morning thinking, “I want to be a disgruntled employee today”. Your typical employee likely starts their day with hopes of accomplishing something — or even many somethings–and leaving at the end of the day head held high, knowing they made solid contributions. But then reality sets in. Distractions, fire drills, you name it. Your optimistic, well-intended employee gets projects and tasks thrown at them that were never part of their plan. Or worse, they start their day and struggling to find enough to do, wondering why everyone else seems so busy. Over time, this optimistic, well-intended employee can turn into your worst nightmare–a serious threat to team morale. The good news is that it’s avoidable with the right systems and tools.


When organizations can readily identify how their staff resources are being used, they’re able to spot opportunities to take on more customers, clients, and project work. That’s key in budgeting and forecasting. This can have a significant impact on staff morale because managers are able to properly assign work based on what staff are truly capable of doing. One of the biggest complaints that employees tend to have is that they’re getting way too much work assigned to them. Part of the reason for that is that they’re under booking their time. Accurate time tracking allows managers to do what they’re charged with doing—manage. The right time tracking tools allow them to manage more effectively because they’re basing decisions on sound, solid, reliable data. For professional services firms, time is money. Project managers must make sure they are maximizing their time and employee resources with a reliable means of capturing real-time, reality-based time data. Managers who apply this data to allocate work properly find that oth productivity and engagement levels rise within their departments and organizations.


At this point you’re probably thinking “easier said than done,” right? Well, it really can be simple. The key is selecting the right tool for your organization. Here are some things to consider when shopping software tools for your company:

1.the learning curve

The best way to shoot yourself in the the foot when it comes to implementing a time management tool for your team is picking a product that will require that your team either has to abandon some of the practices or current tools that they like or they have to invest a ton of time learning. Give them a tool that works harmoniously with what they already know and love and you’ll win them over quickly.

2. who’s the boss?

By that we mean who controls how the software works with you and your organization? Like we said before, there are a ton of management software options available to help you manage your business, but a lot of them come complete with restraints, restrictions, and limitations. Shop carefully and choose a product that will et you dictate how it’s used, and you’ll reap the benefits of doing a little extra homework.

3. does the cheese stand alone?

No one wants to spend a ton of time navigating multiple apps or systems to get the information they need. At the risk of sounding like a broken record — you’re going to need to do a little homework to make sure that the management software you decide on can do more than just one or two things. It should provide many convenient features without other software friends supporting it. The good news is that this software solution exists, and…

4. it doesn’t have to break the bank

You can–and should–be able to afford all of the features and convenience of enterprise-type solutions without paying enterprise dollars to have it. We’ve all seen business leaders bite off more than they can chew financially for software thinking it will pay dividends eventually. And all too often they throw in the towel, realizing that that they are not getting the ROI they’d hoped for. End of experiment. Choose an product that does what you want it to, with a palatable price tag, and watch the magic happen.


So now that we’ve identified the potential cog in the machine and reassured you that a simple, convenient, and affordable tool is available, With the right tool, you can make sure that you help your team strike the perfect productivity balance that keeps them happy and engaged. it’s time to do something about it. If you haven’t already signed up for a Dinvy Starter package, we promise you’ll be glad you did.