Not Your Basic Bot: 5 Powerful Ways Dinvy Boosts Productivity to Save You Time and Money

If you’re like many of the business leaders we talk to, one of your biggest concerns is, “How do we increase productivity and billable time without burning out our team members?” 

Most businesses struggle to effectively manage the critical day-to-day task of time tracking, let alone relating that time to projects, invoicing and revenue recognition. 

If you find yourself using multiple solutions and still resorting to spreadsheets to manage your process, it’s time to look at a better option!

Dinvy is designed to cover your operational and financial management needs by connecting time tracking, resource planning, project management, and revenue recognition into one system. This gives you tons of visibility into your business and financial health. 

But can Dinvy really save you time and money? 

Let’s dive in and see.

what makes dinvy different?

Whether you’re managing an advertising agency, a law firm, an accounting corp, or any other professional-service-based business, Dinvy can help to fill your operational needs – from invoicing customers, managing workflows, and staying on top of projects.

Often the most critical issue? Time tracking. 

Less billable hours means less revenue. 

What if your team could be reminded to track time right within the communications channel they’re already using? 

How much additional revenue could you realize?

Think of Dinvy as a team of superhero employees who manage all the professional operations for your company, alert you when something falls behind, and keep everyone on track. 

In the article below, we will show you how Dinvy’s hyper-automated alerts inform you and your management team exactly where your company is losing money. We will also give you the tools so leadership can address issues quickly, seamlessly, and proactively. 


Team engagement has never been easier, more effective, or more fun!  

Enjoy better camaraderie and less miscommunication.  

Dinvy’s BNE delivers timely notifications right in your preferred communication channel. Set notifications for any parameters you need and alert everyone proactively. For example: 

  • Remind workers when contracted hours have been reached
  • Alert them when a milestone is approaching 
  • Notify management when time isn’t logged on a project BEFORE your team starts falling behind. 

Better still, Dinvy chats back. 

Staffers and freelancers can easily log hours, switch projects, and verify they’re on track right within Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom.

Your team is also empowered to suggest new bot notifications, which you can quickly and easily create on the fly. Remove inactive bots and keep only the most proactive and actionable insights as you go.

Nothing falls through the cracks and you get time back to focus on the things that matter more – like landing your next big client or launching a new service! 


When financial processes are clunky, everyone gets frustrated. 

Team members miss critical milestones, accounting gets behind on invoices, and your business may even end up spending money to make it right (and keep everyone happy). 

Stop letting money slip through the cracks.

Dinvy automates booked, recognized, and realized revenue through native integration with Xero™. This integration has helped our clients realize a 90% reduction in data entry related to invoicing and reconciliation. 

By taking those tedious tasks off your team’s plate and reallocating your human capital, you’re putting that all-important brainpower to much better use. Your team can focus on building those billable hours and performing all the high-level tasks that keep your business thriving. 

With real-time visibility and financial-administrative task automation managed, you can keep more cash from sneaking out through cracks in the system. 

Dinvy keeps you all in the loop with clarity and transparency. 


Next, let’s talk about gaps. 

How often do you waste time and resources trying to close gaps that were overlooked until it was too late? 

How often does your staff feel overworked because they’re fixing a problem that someone should have seen coming?

It’s critical to keep productivity on track while balancing rates with non-billable hours to maintain a healthy bottom line. 

When there are multiple projects in different stages of development, diverse (likely remote) team members, and dozens of deadlines looming, keeping track of everything may seem impossible. 

It’s time to stop drowning in useless data and shore up those gaps. 

With Dinvy’s advanced resource allocation features and alerts, your project planning becomes part of the process. 

You’ll increase productivity, eliminate distractions, and keep those little fires from cropping up.

And even more importantly, you’ll get ahead of burnout among your team.   


Every professional services company requires administrative time to run their organization. 

Admin time is part of a healthy operations process. 

However, non-billable hours can easily turn into a source of massive financial loss if not managed thoughtfully.

With Dinvy, our BNE (surprise, surprise!) is your life-preserver. It draws data from all available sources, offering end to end visibility. Get customized notifications to track what you need, when you need it. 

Dinvy helps your team track time and resources, generate estimates, monitor progress, and keep you within budget. So you’ll know the stage and status of every project, what goals are approaching, and what’s happening with each invoice.

This makes the project administration and management processes easier, resulting in cleaner, error-free data and a boost to your company’s revenue.

As an example, a mere 10 minutes of additional billable time per day for five team members at $150/hour equates to $300,000 over 40 weeks!

You can see how quickly this can add up in your favor.

Once you can truly understand if your projects are profitable, you’ll feel more comfortable taking on the next big project!


Many PSAs aggregate information and give you a dashboard to sift through. You have to learn how to run reports, filter, click and search for functions, and generally waste time. Dinvy makes it simple by sending you a notification and asking for a response.

Dinvy gathers data in real-time and makes it easy to access in your preferred channel—no more piecing together what happened last week or last month. There’s no more going to five different SaaS or software sources to sleuth out why a project was under or overbilled or why project hours weren’t recorded when staff completed the work.

Integration across software removes the human element and, with it, human errors. While much of your business requires higher-level HUMAN interaction, some pieces simply don’t. 

Automating those elements can help you better use your team’s time and energy. dinvy brings it all together with ease and clarity.

Rather than learning new software, Dinvy integrates with software you use nowSalesforce, Xero, TaxJar, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom. Seamlessly connect your CRM, accounting software, communication tools, and project management. With everything in one place, Dinvy ensures projects are completed on time, without error, and with accurate milestone tracking. Dinvy works with other industry-specific systems like Hubspot and Clio, too. Keep everything connected and running smoothly.

ready to hack your operations process to turn time into money?

Nikolaas Vanderlinden, Executive Director Advisory (Risk) at EY, estimates that 1 to 5% of EBITA is lost and goes unnoticed when businesses don’t have their administrative and internal processes in order. 

It requires deep data mining to pinpoint lost revenue and figure out what went wrong—and that requires even more time, effort, and money.

Avoid revenue leakage before it happens. Stop it at the source with Dinvy. 

Our BNE monitors all those administrative operations—every milestone, hour expended, billable and administrative task—for every team member. It provides unique transparency that’s perfect for today’s business world.

Dinvy is easy-to-use and straightforward—and over time, the way you use Dinvy gets better and better.  Here’s how: 

  • Bi-directional alerts provide critical information to users in real-time in their preferred communication channel. 
  • Team members see and respond to cues without interrupting their workflow. 
  • Managers oversee multiple projects, locations, remote workers, and a global team (in numerous languages). 
  • Dinvy ensures it’s under control and easy to handle. 
  • Communication is always clear. Hours are tracked. 

You make more money.

If you want to increase profitability, productivity, and accuracy, your organization needs dinvy. Reach out today to learn more about how Dinvy could work for you!