April 2022: Webhooks & Custom Fields

dinvy product release 2022 webhooks & custom fields

Every organization runs their business differently.

From mission statements to their core values and culture.

The same is true for how they use software to support their process.

As we’ve developed and made strides to improve Dinvy, our mission was always clear: Be the best professional services automation platform available.

We purposely avoided integrating a task management system, expense tool, or CRM simply because we knew we couldn’t be everything to everyone.

However, we CAN provide the tools to customize Dinvy to meet your business needs.

Webhooks and Custom Fields are two new features within Dinvy that put YOU in the driver’s seat. Allowing you to personalize how you integrate with the other applications that you use on a daily basis.


Webhook.net does an excellent job of explaining how Webhooks work and how they differ from API (Application Programming Interface).

To put it simply, Webhooks are like an SMS notification from one app to another. When something happens in Application A (ex. A new Account or Invoice is created in Dinvy), it pushes an automated message to Application B (ex. The Account and Invoice are also created and tracked in QuickBooks).

A more technical explanation of Webhooks is that they send an HTTP message from an external system when there is new data entered. They are widely used because it is an easy way to trigger an event and can be integrated into web applications without a lot of change to the system’s infrastructure.

The intent of Webhooks for Dinvy is to directly post to third party applications when certain objects have a record created, edited or deleted. The Dinvy objects included are:

  • Accounts
  • Projects
  • Invoice
  • Quotes
  • Users
  • Time Entry

A single Dinvy account can have one or multiple Webhooks defined and each will trigger when the specific object has a record update. Multiple Webhooks may trigger when a specific object (for example, an invoice) has a record created/edited/deleted.


Since our bread and butter is our Bot Notification Engine, we want to keep our development efforts there versus creating more robust API’s.

Just like Salesforce = CRM and Quickbooks = Accounting, Dinvy = PSA.

So while we continue to enhance our product, we want to keep our focus on the core features and functionality that make Dinvy a strong PSA tool.

Webhooks are our answer to allow users to easily integrate into other systems and complement our existing features.


Webhooks, just like Dinvy, are intended to make your life easier, allow for maximum customization and to keep you from having to use multiple systems.

Our main goal is to simplify time entry and streamline data communication through our Bots. So now, if you need to share data from Dinvy to another application, enabling Webhooks makes it possible.

For example, Dinvy isn’t a project task system, but you can use Webhooks to instantly kickoff a Smartsheet project.

Or, perhaps you are a contracting firm supporting multiple agencies and need to log time into Monday.com or Basecamp.  Utilize Dinvy Webhooks and automate the task and time entry from your system into theirs.


With the introduction of Webhooks, we knew that custom fields would be the perfect complement and allow more depth of personalization. Since we can’t anticipate every integration or customization you might need, we wanted to give you the freedom to be you!

Custom fields are enabled through Dinvy’s core objects allowing users to input up to 100 permission-based custom fields that are not currently available in Dinvy but are part of your organization’s vernacular.

Currently, you can create custom fields in either the Account or Project pages, and we be expanding them to Users, Quotes, and Invoices soon.

A few examples of how you can use Custom Fields are below:

  • Need to hyperlink out to your Smartsheet or Google Drive folder, create a field link and be on your way!
  • Don’t want to pay for extra CRM licenses? Add in the Account Executive’s name or extra project details for the members of your team that don’t have access to your CRM.
  • Create a custom text field to house Account ID’s that can trigger automations when you create an invoice or a project.

ready to see what webhooks and custom fields in dinvy can do for you?

If your business is growing, and data transparency, time adoption, and revenue recognition is key to that growth, then Dinvy is here to support you!

By combining our core functionality with custom fields, Webhooks and a (very) palatable price point, we’re ready to help you scale from five to 500.

Experience the Dinvy difference today by scheduling a demo or starting your free 60-day trial.