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Feature Release September 2023

Since our launch earlier this year, we have deployed over 40 updates based on our roadmap and user feedback. 

Our latest feature release includes:

 | stateful grids | advanced project metrics | project statuses |

| accounts receivable reports | in-app guides | 

Check out the details below: 

Stateful Grids:

Our Listviews and Dashboard grids provide a lot of data in one place. Depending on your business process, some data may be more valuable. With stateful grids, you can group, hide/display columns, and change width and column location to make your Dashboard as impactful as possible. 

Advanced Project Metrics:

The result of time tracking is gaining an understanding of not just how you managed your team members but how you turned a profit. Advanced Project Metrics automatically claims any and all additional Fixed Bid Revenue when Closing the project. 

Project Status:

Tracking your end date is a great start to monitoring project progress. Now, with Project Statuses, you can gain a deeper understanding of the health of the project. Create your own Statuses to better define your progress in two Categories of Open or Closed. 

Account Aged Receivable:

Finances are the crux of any business. Building a proper Accounts Receivable report was crucial to continue to support our owners in taking control of their outstanding receivables. Review your Receivables in either the summary or in a detailed view.

In-App Guides:

New Users will now be greeted with a pop-up offering two set of instructions. One for those who are only using Dinvy Ascent to track time and another for those that will be using invoicing feature as well. This is all a part of our goal to put the power in the Users hands and allow them to choose their own adventure within Dinvy Ascent. 

On Deck: 

  • Master Time Report: Filter and group Accounts, Projects, Users, Tasks, Notes, Billable Amounts, and Time Entries.
  • Billable / Non-Billable: Some hours aren’t billable but impact profit and margin so we’re introducing non-billable time entries.
  • Project Assignment: Require a User to be assigned to a Project in order to log time.
  • Submit Timesheet: Gain more control over your time data with the submission and approval of your team members’ timesheets.

We want to hear from you! 

If you’re looking for some specific feature you don’t see, let us know! We iterate based on our user’s feedback. Just email Tim Schmit with your ideas and you might see your request in the next release.