100 Days of Development

Follow our development journey for the next 100 days, from our go-live on April 6th, highlighting our weekly releases, enhancements, and fixes.

Our flagship offering, Dinvy Ascent is packed with features and we’re excited to expand our base platform. We’re pushing for 100 days of agile development to continually improve Ascent and provide new features to our customers. As we expand that foundation, we’ll be in a great position to then release our major upgrades for Dinvy Alpine and Dinvy Summit. 

True to our mission of supporting a solopreneur as they grow into a Fortune 500, Dinvy will be able to provide an expansive, configurable feature platform to any business at any stage of their journey. 

Come and be a part of our shared ascent and success. Check back often for updates here or on LinkedIn

Current Development (7/18) 

  • Desktop Application
  • Stateful Grids
  • Timesheet – Mobile Responsiveness

On Deck

  • Time Rounding
  • In-app & Email Notifications
  • Feature Flag: Require Users on Projects
  • Approvals
  • Prebuilt Reports: Time Reports

Identified Major Enhancements

  • Invoice Template
  • Copy Day & Week Timesheet 
  • Expenses & Expense Types
  • Positions & Position Billing
  • Financial Dashboard
  • System Responsiveness
  • Fee Library
  • Lock & Submit Timesheets
  • Project Types
  • Invoice Attachments
  • Are you a User? Email us your thoughts.

Releases: To Date – 23 feature enhancements 


  • Project Statuses: For reporting, filtering, and tracking. View and edit on the Project and on the Project Listview screen
    • Open
      • In Progress, On Hold
    • Closed
      • Closed, Canceled
  • Navigation logic from Account and Project Details update


  • New Project columns on Project Listview for quicker Project insight and filtering and grouping
    • Contract Terms
    • Project Status
    • Hours Last Month
    • Hours All Time
    • Billing Entity
  • General API and function updates


  • Billing Contacts (automated on Account details to invoice send)
  • Available columns on Project Homepage: Hours by Week and Hours by Month (current date range) 
  • General sizing and navigation UI improvements 


  • Timer: Calender edit for submitting timer not on the current day
  • Timer: Alert display for timer started not on the current day
  • Display all Projects on the Account page bug


  • Edit a Paused Timer
  • No timer over 24 hours
  • Timesheet column width and navigation


  • Create a Default Billing Entity (invoice details)
  • Auto Populate the default Billing Entity during Project Creation
  • Bug fix on available columns on Account Homepage
  • Audit: Invoice Update


  • Invoice Status Edit
  • Audit: Project Team Members
  • Include Company Details in Admin Section
  • Add Pending Status to a new User during activation
  • Organize Navigation post-creation of an Account and Project
  • Date Parsing
Improvements Identified for Post 100 Days (Dinvy Ascent, Alpine, & Summit)
  • Approvals
  • Advanced Quotes
  • Custom Objects & Fields
  • Integrations: Google Calendar, Quickbooks, Stripe
  • Feature Flag: Auto-generate invoice or generate & send
  • Custom Dashboards & Page Layouts
  • Rerate Time Entry
  • Product Library
  • PTO tracking
  • Bulk Billing
  • and expanding…

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